14 Best Tennis Gifts for Ladies: Tennis Jewelry, Apparel, & Other Gift Ideas She'll Love

If you need a gift for a tennis player or fan in your life, you've found the right place. Below are 14 great tennis gifts for ladies.

Whether you need to help your friend show off their love of tennis, or you want to buy them something to help their tennis game, you'll find the perfect tennis gift below.

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14. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs
13. Tennis Pasta
12. "Tennis and Wine" Wine Tumbler
11. Funny Tennis Book "It's Not My Fault"
10. "Chambong" Champagne Shooter
9. Tennis Karma Bracelet
8. Kitchen Sink Tennis Tote
7. Stress Relief Tennis Doll
6. "Tennis and Wine" Women's T-Shirt
5. Top Spin Pro Tennis Training Aid
4. Performance V-Neck Tennis Dress
3. Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Earrings
2. Hit Happy Tennis Visor
1. The Necker Cup Tennis Event

The 14 Best Tennis Gifts Right Now

Easily find the best tennis gifts for the tennis player in your life. See our picks for the top gifts for female tennis players below.

14) Tennis Ball Bath Bombs


Tennis Ball Bath Bombs Tennis Gift


You get 3 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs - in the novelty shape of a tennis ball. The are made in the USA with all natural ingredients. Each bomb is individually wrapped. Perfect gift idea for a tennis lover.

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13) Tennis Pasta


Tennis Shaped Pasta Tennis Gifts


If you're looking for a funny tennis gift for a friend who loves pasta then this is perfect. This tennis pasta with cute tennis racket shapes are easy to make and fun to serve.

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12) "Tennis and Wine" Wine Tumbler

Warning! Don't get caught drinking on the tennis courts with this... unless a little wine helps your game! :-)

This wine tumbler makes for a great gift for your tennis team or captain.

Get it here on Hit Happy Tennis

11) It's Not My Fault: 150 Hilarious Excuses Every Tennis Player Should Know


Best Tennis Gifts Tennis Book- It's Not My Fault: 150 Hilarious Excuses


With laugh-out-loud cartoons, a hilarious book of tennis humor, a perfect gift for your double’s partner or your most tenacious adversary. A perfect gift.

In It's Not My Fault, author Joshua Shifrin helps tennis players make sense of their most monumental losses on the court.

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10) Chambong - Champagne Shooter


Chambong - Champagne Shooter Tennis Gift


You didn’t know it was missing from your tennis life, but now you do and here it is. Whether you win or lose on the courts, this might be exactly what you need.

Chambong is a better and faster way to deliver 6 oz of your favorite bubbly beverage straight to your mouth. With Chambong there’s never a reason for a boring present for that "fun" tennis friend of yours.

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9) The Tennis Karma Bracelet

Have you ever walked out on the court and instantly sensed bad energy from your opponents...

What if you could take a lesson from ancient Mediterranean cultures and repel that negative tennis energy on the court with your own tennis karma bracelet? Since 5000 BC, these evil eye charms are believed to ward off and shield you from bad energy.

Now you can bring this protective shield with you and ENJOY all your tennis matches without any drama worries!

Get it here on Hit Happy Tennis

8) Kitchen Sink Tennis Tote

"KISS MY ACE!" If bags could talk, that is what the Kitchen Sink Tennis Tote would say!

Think of our Kitchen Sink Tennis Tote as the Swiss Army tool that literally has you ready to take on your next opponent... on or off the court. 

Get it here at Oliver Thomas

7) Dammit Tennis Doll - Stress Relief


Dammit Tennis Doll - Stress Relief Tennis Gifts


When your opponent gives you that crazy urge to scream and destroy, Dammit Doll is here to support you. Go ahead – THROW, SLAM, and WHACK the ultimate stress relief tool.

The Dammit Tennis Doll is engineered to absorb all that negative energy so you can let go and get back to your game.

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6) "Tennis and Wine" Women's T-Shirt

Show your love of tennis and wine, and look awesome on or off the court!

This t-shirt makes for a great gift for any tennis player or captain who loves to have fun.

Get it here on Hit Happy Tennis

5) Top Spin Pro - Tennis Training

Topspin is notoriously difficult to learn – some players struggle for years. Even if you’ve been hitting flat shots all your life, the TopspinPro will deliver a dramatic difference to your game in the first week or two.

Your tennis loving friend will love this.

Get it here on TopSpinPro.com

4) Performance V-Neck Tennis Dress

Inspired by the elegance of sport, our Performance V-Neck Tennis Dress is a play on iconic Seventies sportswear.

Get it here on ToryBurch.com

3) Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Earrings with Pearls

Looking stunning with these tennis earrings with freshwater pearls on each racket.

These tennis earrings make a great gift for your favorite doubles partner or tennis lover!

Get them here on Hit Happy Tennis

2) Hit Happy Tennis Visor

You will not only LOVE the way you feel in this visor. You will also play better and Hit Happy!  :-)  

This tennis visor makes for a great gift for any tennis player or captain.

Get it here on Hit Happy Tennis

And our #1 tennis gift is...  

1) The Necker Cup with Sir Richard Branson


If you REALLY love your spouse or favorite tennis friend... then this might be the ultimate tennis gift ever (and most expensive)!


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