This Super Chocolate better than SEX?


This "Super Chocolate" might be better than SEX & stops cravings?

Yeah right.

Did you know there’s a rare form of chocolate that can literally shut down the mechanism in your brain that begs you to reach for your favorite snack?

It’s true...

This is the exact chocolate I’m talking about.


Recently on a trip to South America, one of my “fitness guru” friends, Danette May, discovered a processing technique that turns raw cacao, (what chocolate is made from) into a highly nutritious SUPERFOOD!

At first I was a bit skeptical of the claims Danette was making about her secret chocolate elixir.

She told me…

* You can literally eat CHOCOLATE every single day, and get healthier while also banishing food cravings…

* You can replicate the same neurotransmitters released during/after sex with zero unhealthy side effects and enjoy an all-natural HIGH, almost like a deep meditation session (this one is my favorite)…

* You can also make yourself feel a little naughty because this rare chocolate elixir also contains a compound known as the “bliss molecule” which automatically arouses the part of your brain that makes you feel pleasure…

That’s not even the best part…

Danette’s new “chocolate from the gods” formula has hit it out of the park in terms of taste.

Not only will the die-hard chocolate lover feel completely satisfied, but you’ll get to splurge on a daily treat that tastes just like a sugar-rich dessert!

I was completely caught off guard by how truly rich and smooth the chocolate was.

It felt like pure heaven. I couldn’t believe I drinking something that felt so dangerous, yet was so healthy.

Go here to try it yourself, guilt-free.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

I know for me, sweets are my weakness, especially anything chocolate.

And, I'm totally addicted to her "healthy chocolate" that has helped curb my sweet tooth since I'm staying at home more during the Winter and not playing as much tennis.

I rarely share other people's products, but this one is definitely a keeper.

 Try it out for yourself here!

It's become my favorite ritual in my morning coffee and some days I sneak another cup in the evening before bed.   


- Kasey #SweetTooth Hammond