Hey There, Future Hit Happy Ambassador!

Just a Heads Up — We're Not for Everyone...

And that’s totally cool!

If you’re all about winning at any cost, find joy in trash-talking, or bring drama and negativity to the courts, we're not for you.

Hit Happy is all about winning AND having the most fun on the courts.

We’re in it for the love of the game, the laughter with teammates, and the high fives, even through the net.

So, if spreading positivity, support, and fun doesn’t sound like your jam, you might not enjoy our squad.

But if it does, read on!

Welcome to the Hit Happy Family!

Here at, we’re more than just a brand.

We’re a group of friends who believe tennis is not just a sport but a way to bring out the best in us, on and off the court.

Why You’ll Love Being an Ambassador

Joining us means you’re all in on:

  • Sportsmanship: It’s like the handshake at the end of a match — respect and fair play, always.

  • Personal Growth: Every game reflects a part of us, showing us how we can be even more awesome.

  • Positivity: Picture the brightest, sunniest day on the court. That’s the vibe we aim for.

  • Balance: It’s about nailing that perfect shot with both power and grace, and laughing off the misses.

  • Resilience: Ever seen a tennis ball give up? Neither have we. We bounce back, always.

  • Community: Imagine the coolest club you want to be part of, where everyone's cheering each other on.

  • Fun: Remember playing just for the heck of it? That’s what we’re talking about — pure, undiluted joy.

Perks of the Hit Happy Crew

  • Your very own Hit Happy gear at no cost
  • Discounts for your friends and followers
  • A chance to be featured on our social media
  • An amazing group of people who got your back

A Little Something We Ask of You...

We’re all about sharing the Hit Happy spirit far and wide.

So our ambassadors post with our apparel at least once a week.

It’s a fun way to spread the love, showcase your style, and inspire others to join the Hit Happy tribe. Whether it’s a cool action shot, a selfie with your game face on, or a casual post-match grin, we can’t wait to see how you bring our apparel to life!

Think We’re a Match?

If you’re nodding along and already planning your first post, we’re excited to meet you.

Click below to tell us all about yourself and how you embody the Hit Happy vibe, both online and on the court.