My Tennis Shoe Crisis and Fighting the Plantar Fasciitis - a Tennis player's Worst Nightmare!

Looking for the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis?

If you are like me you probably found the perfect court shoe. And you probably only bought one pair. And like me when you went to buy another pair you found the manufacturer had discontinued them. 

For me it was Asics- I LOVED them! They always felt great, had no foot pain or trouble and I never had a break-in period. But one day that changed and they stopped making my shoe or they changed manufacturers.

So I recently reached out to some good tennis players and friends who play regularly to find out what shoe they love and what they do to prevent foot pain and the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

One friend recommended having several pairs of shoes and rotating them regularly -When you find the shoe that works best for you to buy at least three pairs and rotate them each time you use them. Rotating them will keep them fresher longer and feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back will be happier too!   He also mentioned that he wears two pairs of socks and some people prefer a thicker sock like Thorlo to help prevent plantar fasciitis.

I have a few friends who recommend shoes with memory foam like New Balance. Several friends like New Balance due to the padding and the wider toe box.

Several friends suggested the Wilson Pro Rush because it also has a wider toe box.  Another friend mentioned a brand of shoes I hadn't heard of before but plan to check out - Hoka. They aren't necessarily designed for tennis but she said they are very comfortable and the wider toe box makes them perfect for tennis.

Some suggest it's not so much the shoe but all about how to lace them up - see photo attached. I had never thought much about lacing and the way my shoes tie until she mentioned this - check it out.

But everyone agrees as we get older the key is to stretch and that includes feet too before and after a match. Hit Happy!