Top 10 Gifts For Tennis Players for 2021 and Beyond

Do you have any fun friends or  tennis lovers in your life and need a great captain’s gift or a gift for your favorite pro?

Or maybe you are trying to suck up to the captain whose team you want to be on? Just Kidding!

Anyway, here are the top 10 fun tennis gift ideas for your tennis loving friends! =)


10.  The Tennis Karma Bracelet ...everyone needs some good Karma, especially in 2021. Now available in 4 amazing colors! Get one for yourself and your partner - we need all the good energy we can get! All hands in!

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9.  Tennis Players play hard and party hard. This Chambong is a great gift idea for the sophisticated party animal in your life.



8.  As mentioned above, some tennis players love to drink so Say it Loud and Proud with this cool tumbler that has a closing lid (no spills allowed!)



7.  IF I didn't mention earlier, tennis players like to celebrate their wins and during this time period it's extra important to keep your drink separate from team mates.

These drinking buddies make sure you have a buddy as well as a way to keep your beverage claimed.

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6. This year caused us to learn new things including our LOVE for pickleball! Check out our newest pickleball collection and find something for the Pickleball lover in your life.


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5. will send a certified teaching professional to the court of your choice, at a time that fits your busy schedule. They make it easy  for you or your loved one to improve their game. 


    4. For most people it's been kind of a crappy year.

    Give the best gift of all and make someone LAUGH and smile! I got one earlier this year and it truly made me cry because I laughed so hard.... 

    Send Litter to let someone know you love them and that we are all in this crap together!

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      3. Make someone smile with this fun stocking stuffer! Tennis Butts are the fun way to kick off any tennis match and are an affordable gift for your favorite tennis team! (And maybe even someone you don't like...tis the season to do a good deed, right?!)


        See All The Tennis Butts Designs Here!


        2. The Elegant and Adjustable Tennis Racket Ring is a great way to share your love of tennis in a beautiful and understated way.

        It's the perfect gift for the tennis lover and is made from .925 silver with platinum plating. Tell your captain you really appreciate all their hard work and secret keeping!

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          1. Share positivity, share love and share what a beast you are on the court! Hit Happy- the brand says it all - keep it fun on the court! This message is available in Tees, hoodies, visors car decals and other fun items here:  

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            I hope you find the best gifts this season and that you Hit Happy all year long!  


            **Honorable mention award goes to our newest bracelet - the Pendant Tennis Necklace. If you haven't already heard it is one of our best sellers and has already sold out once due to poor inventory estimates on my end.. Ha ha!

            But it's back in stock and ready to rock!

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