Marilyn and Wyatt (Dynamic Duo)


Marilyn  and Wyatt


Where do you play? 

Club Westside 


Singles or doubles? 

Me: Doubles

My Son: Singles


Bag must haves?


Tennis Balls

Sun block

Sweat Towel


Gu energy gel

Eye glasses cleaning wipes

Bug spray

Extra racquet


My son:

Extra racquet



Tennis balls


Biggest quirk or annoyance on court?

Me: When the server doesn’t call out the score before they serve.


My son: 

When the opponent can’t keep the score


Me:  One kinda quirk thing for like during drills or practice when they don’t allow time to clear the court and there are balls everywhere to step on just lurking to twist or break and ankle.  It kinda drives me bonkers.  Even if I’m not the one drilling and I’m just’s makes me twitchy. 


Favorite Pro?

Me: Rafa Nadal

My son: Rafa Nadal