Byron Roberts



Say hi to Byron Roberts!

What Club do you Play at and what city?

Midlothian Athletic Club, Midlothian Virginia and Richmond Country Club, Goochland VA

Singles or Doubles?

Aging has now made Doubles the game of choice

Must-haves in your bag?

Over grip - Hit Happy Wristbands - Extra Shirts - Sunscreen - Bug Spray - Post Match Beverage

Biggest quirk or annoyance when you play?

Playing with or against people who are just are NOT having fun. Life is Short If you gotta hit - Hit Happy!

Favorite pro?

I have hit with a number of great pros over the years who all offer something a little different. Impossible to pick one but minimum requirements include a good workout, make it fun and learn something along the way. Sharing a post hitting session beverage is not required but a nice bonus.


Thanks Byron Hit Happy!