Beth Cohen

Name  Beth Cohen - Nickname "Bad Bethie"
Where do you play?  Idle Hour Country Club in Macon, GA
Doubles or singles? I've always been a singles player from the beginning and still do play singles on my teams, but now that i turned 55 when I play on the 55 and over team I play doubles because that’s all they offer at that level. 
What's in your tennis bag?
I keep lots of stuff in my tennis bag, everything  but the kitchen sink, literally. 
Hit Happy sweat bands, funny Hit Happy dampeners, a hat, a wet and dry towel, scrunchies, snacks, any type of med like icy hot or voltaren gel, extra grips, the list can go on and on!
Favorite Pro?  My favorite tennis pro is my personal  coach, Coach Craig Jones.
 He taught me from the very beginning, everything I know.  Looking forward to him continuing to teach me everything HE knows!